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Let's Talk Good Skin!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

What is good skin anyway? Clear blemish free skin, that's it. How do we attain good skin and keep out skin looking and feeling healthy?

Try drinking 1 gallon of water a day.

Reclaiming your skin.

Makeup has become very popular in today's society. Although I do wear makeup from time to time, it is only a mask. Makeup covers up blemishes and breakouts but does nothing to help treat them. Everything begins within.

1. Try drinking one gallon of water a day. This will help to flush out your system, you will notice a difference in your skin after one day of doing this.

2. Choose healthier food options. There are lots of foods our bodies do not agree with, but most of our eating habits we learn as children and carry over into adulthood. We just assume this is how we are (which genetics does play its part also).

3. Keep a food journal. Keep a food journal for at least 3 days listing everything you eat. Be as detailed as possible (i.e. listing date, time, what was eating, how you felt afterwards and any changes in your skin). After those initial three days review to see if there was anything that raised a red flag. Once all of the red flags have been identified journal the next three days excluding those foods opting for healthier options.

4. Treat your skin. Just because a skincare product has a fancy name and an even more fancy price tag doesn't mean it's good for you. Know your product. Know what is in it. You should be able to pronounce all of the products listed on the back of the labels. If you can't pronounce it Google it. Trust me it helps. It's hard to do this is the store but if there is something you are thinking about trying look it up online and check out the ingredients.

5. Stay active. Physical activity helps your skin by increasing your blood circulation, which sends more oxygen to your skin cells and carries cell waste away. But keep in mind that sweat from exercise can also lead to breakouts by irritating your skin. So make sure to wash after working out.

I really hope these tips help you as much as they helped me. If you follow these steps you will not only reap the benefits of healthier looking skin your body will thank you as well.

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