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Kit includes Palo Santo stick, a selenite stick, and White Sage, abalone shell, matches and a velvet storage bag. Each component measures approximately 3-4”

This makes a wonderful addition to our abalone seashell or small size bowls. Great for gift-giving, this kit has everything you need to clear the energy of your space and bring spiritual alignment and clarity.

+ Selenite - Spiritual Aligning, Connecting to the higher self. Place in your home to bring light and clarity, or use in meditation on your chest or third eye to align your chakras and balance energy

+ Palo Santo - Purifying, uplifting

+ White Sage - Clear energy, restore balance, spiritual purification, and protection.

Hold the Palo Santo or White Sage over a flame for 30 seconds before blowing it out and walking around your home to clear energy blockages and promote feelings of calm and well-being.


*Comes with a velvet drawstring bag and smudging instrictions.

Energy Cleansing Set

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